Endstate x MFABoston Sneaker


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The Endstate x MFABoston collection highlights the MFA's renowned Korean artworks from the Joseon period, demonstrating how the past can influence contemporary designs.

The Endstate x MFA sneakers are a contemporary, handcrafted sneaker made in Portugal on the Pharus silhouette, boasting luxurious leathers and embellishments. The cracked white leather resembles the texture from the screens of the artwork. The prints on the sneaker are inspired by munjado screens from the Joseon Period, 19th century, which served as reminders of Confucian virtues.

The Endstate x MFABoston label on the tongue of the right sneaker is embedded with an NFC chip linked to this corresponding NFT, which serves as a digital certificate of authenticity. Owning the sneakers and corresponding NFT is your key to unparalleled perks to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The Endstate x MFA sneakers provide customers with unique perks: ‍ 

  • VIP and early entrance to two MFA Late Nites events (March 22 and May 10) celebrating Hallyu!
  • Private tour with Hallyu! exhibition curator Christina Yu Yu, Matsutaro Shoriki Chair, Art of Asia
  • Access to see MFA works that are not currently on public view