Romain Grosjean x Endstate


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Enter the inner circle of Romain Grosjean with this limited edition collaboration between the Phoenix and Endstate, featuring special materials inspired by the world of motorsports, along with hidden easter eggs conceptualized by Romain himself. Unlock unfettered access to meet-and-greets, video calls, and rewards through the NFC chip embedded in the sneakers. Are you in?


Embedded with an NFC chip, the sneakers are your key to unlocking: 


All season long: 

Limited edition products when Romain finishes on the podium.

Indy 500:

  • Exclusive meet-and-greet with Romain the day before the race (5/25).
  • If Romain wins the Indy500, you receive a custom Romain Grosjean Windbreaker.


  • Group Zoom call with Romain during the season, where he discusses the ongoing season and future plans.

Celebrate the Champion

Last year, Romain Grosjean became the undeniable fan favorite of the IndyCar series, captivating audiences with his remarkable skill and resilience. His journey from Formula 1 to IndyCar has been nothing short of inspirational, earning him a loyal fanbase and widespread admiration. In honor of his incredible impact, we present the Limited Edition Romain Grosjean Sneakers. Designed for those who appreciate the thrill of the race and the drive for excellence, these sneakers embody Grosjean's bold spirit and dynamic style. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of racing history—get your pair today and celebrate a true fan favorite!