Payal Singhal x Endstate


The Payal Singhal x Endstate collaboration transcends footwear. The unique silhouette reflects the quiet beauty of a luxury style with a twist, including asymmetric lacing, laser etched details, and metal embellishments. The sneakers come in two colorways, White/Black and Silver.

Each pair is embedded with an NFC chip, providing verifiable authenticity as well as unlocking access to exclusive content, offers and events for sneaker owners with just the tap of their phone.

VIP PERKS: these sneakers are your key to unlocking:

  • Exclusive content from Payal Singhal
  • A one-time Flat 20%* discount to customers on *T&C
  • A virtual masterclass session with Payal Singhal
  • A chance to win an exclusive invite to Payal Singhal’s 25th anniversary event in Mumbai/Delhi later this year.

About Payal Singhal

Established in 1999, Payal Singhal has built a reputation for imbuing its products with a blend of Indian history and contemporary culture to create transformative collections. While history and culture are starting points, tradition is approached with a renewed outlook to give every collection present-day relevance. The brand's signature aesthetic is contemporary and minimalist, with a vintage heart. The emphasis has always been wearability, comfort, value for money and effortless impact.