00:Predawn - Tungsten


00:Predawn was designed by Endstate cofounder Stephanie Howard, known for her work at Nike, New Balance, and Reebok; most notably for her design of the New Balance 850 which re-released in 2019.

00:Predawn is a bold silhouette boasting the story of Endstate’s genesis. The design was inspired by our belief that expansion and innovation in digital technologies enhances our lives, both online and in real life. This is why the 00:Predawn exists in two states -- physical and digital.

The 00:Predawn will feature a knit upper. Knitting is unique in that it is more materially efficient than traditional methods of make (i.e. less waste). Technological advancement in knitting techniques also allows us to recreate detailed images in our uppers. Inspired by our thinking that digital tech is in many ways knitting the world together, the 00:Predawn upper features a bitmap of a topographical world map. The knit design was programmed to visualize the textures of the map in a subtle, abstracted way.

The shoe features an asymmetrical design split down the centerline, with the lacing off to one side, a nod to each pair’s existence in two states.

Both the upper and the sole of the 00:Predawn will be made and assembled in the USA.

The military-grade sole is made in the USA by Vibram, one of the most respected sole manufacturers in the world, providing comfort, performance, and an enduring foundation on which we can build. The premium insole provides energy return, cushioning, and impact absorption.

The reflective Endstate logo serves as the tether from the physical to the digital.

The digital state of the 00:Predawn shows a 3D rendering of the shoes staged in a surrealist environment inspired by the evolution of digital technology and the human experience. The environment was created in collaboration with both human artists and artificial intelligence (AI).